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Our aim is to help holiday makers and people travelling on business find those involved in the hospitality industry that value eco-performance.


The Five-Leaf system is a means of gauging the eco-friendly nature of hotels.

Regardless of a hotel or lodging’s star-rating, the Five-Leaf System enables guests to judge the environmental quality of the hotel they are staying at - or wish to stay at - and hoteliers to clarify their eco-policies for guests.

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Hotel managers are also encouraged to improve their eco-performance.

Encouragement come directly through guest satisfaction or indirectly through their perception of public pressure. Holidaymakers and business travellers can comment on their experiences and assess the hotel through the website.

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Five-Leaf System is ultimately an environmental rating project. Our aim is to create a rating system - not too dissimilar to a star-rating system currently in place for hotels - in which travellers can look for eco-friendly accommodation around the world from a sustainability and environmental view-point. Our goal is to develop the Five-Leaf System brand, to make it a recognisable and sure-fire way for travellers to trust the suppliers, businesses, or lodgings they are staying at, and take confidence in the knowledge they will be standing side-by-side with a business that cares for the environment and the footprint they are leaving.


But that's not all. The Five-Leaf System is also a stepping stone for hoteliers, suppliers, and travellers or eco-minded people to increase their awareness of how they can reduce their footprint as well. We aim to link everyone who works ‘behind the scenes’, facilitating all those involved to make the correct decisions in terms of education, awareness, and product purchases for their businesses.

As well as promoting ‘back-door’ connections, we also aim to promote products such as solar panels, water reduction in-house/hotel units, steel rainwater tanks for rainwater harvesting, home/hotel-use wind turbines, and any other items which can assist businesses and individuals create the best and least environmentally harmful outcome possible.

We believe the future is a cleaner-energy future, a minimalist-waste environment, and a world where ultimately, we don’t have to worry about the worries and troubles we are facing today. Our dream is to make the Five-Leaf System the platform and go-to place where all those involved in this journey will be able to turn to for sure, safe, and correct advice for whatever eco-direction they are heading in.


A quick word from the Five-Leaf System director…

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What is the dream for the Five-Leaf System?

“Our goal quite simple really. That one day, instead of looking for a hotel star rating, travellers will look for a leaf rating and choose their accommodation on that basis”.

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And what can people expect from Five-Leaf System?

“We want to make sure that everyone who is of a like-minded nature, who believes in sustainable and responsible travel, can find everything they need right here. From finding a lodging for your vacation or business trip, to picking an educational course, or even looking for an environmental organisation they can rely on in their country. We want to help everyone connect and find exactly what they need”.

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What has the response been like since the Five-Leaf System started?

“Oh it’s been phenomenal! We started back in 2011 and have members from around the globe. One of the big plus points of the Five-Leaf System is that it’s free for any hotel or supplier to join. Regardless of their eco-rating with us, if they join us, we’ll bring them onto the site, and help their business thrive in any way we can. From guidance on eco-friendly electrical systems for their hotels, to ways suppliers can optimise their products, we are here to give them our expertise.”

- Silvia Pelham - director & (e)co founder of Five-Leaf System.