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At Five-Leaf System we want to inspire travellers by finding environmentally friendly accommodation.

With the same token, we support eco-accommodation that demonstrates positive environmental initiatives and show their commitment to lessen their environmental impact on the world.

It’s a give & give thing.

what some of our partners say


“We believe that it is essential, and extremely beneficial for our business, if we can play our part (at our level) in raising awareness for the environment among our stakeholders, and to do that, our aim is simple: to do our best for our only one earth!”

- Nuno Ferreira, Director of the São Félix Hotel.



“The Jardim Atlântico hotel praises Five-Leaf System’s initiative, which paves the way for the construction of sustainable tourism”.

- Maurício Vieira, Director of the Jardim Atlântico Hotel.




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Some of our featured hotels and lodgings

Neya Eco Hotel

Located in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal, the Neya Eco Hotel is the ideal place to kick back and relax in this eco-front runner hotel.

Pliadon Gi Resort

High up in Mount Ziria, Greece, Pliadon Gi Resort runs a wonderful eco-friendly program that will make your stay one to remember.

Langdale Hotel & Spa

Go to the Lake District in the UK, park and charge your electric car at the electric car charging point, and embark on a cycle trip through the wonders of the land.

Sleeping Lady Mt. Resort

Nestled in the Cascade Mountains in the United States, Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort offers a distinct Northwest experience with it’s delicious & sustainable cuisine.

Arkaroola Sanctuary

Travel to South Australia and treat yourself to an experience of immeasurable happiness, keeping you shoulder-to-shoulder with nature and the beauties of Australia.

Finca de Arrieta

Find perfect peace in Lanzarote. Environmentally friendly & aiming to minimise impact wherever possible, the property is fully powered by solar & wind energy.

Think Green When You Travel

Think green when you travel! Looking for a green hotel or lodging? The Five-Leaf System is a way of classifying how green and sustainable hotels are. We believe that eco-tourism must mean eco-friendly lodgings & Five-Leaf System is here to help.