Welcome to Five Leaf System! The only place to find green eco friendly hotels. The Five-Leaf System is a method of classifying hotels to make sure they are as socially and environmentally responsible.

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Level 1

Free Plan
0.00 / month
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  • Email & chat support.
  • Free listing on regional page.
  • Five-Leaf System takes a commission from our 3rd party partners at Travelpayouts for any bookings - but never directly from your property.
  • A featured article on all Five-Leaf System’s social media outlets.

Level 2

Start Up
6.99 / month
Monthly Plan €6.99
  • Email & chat support.
  • Free listing on regional page.
  • Listing as a featured business on your country’s regional page.
  • If desired, Five-Leaf System can continue to use our 3rd party partner for bookings or offer a re-direct straight to your hotel website, with no commission taken on any bookings.*

Level 3

14.99 / month
Monthly Plan €14.99
  • All features from Start-up plan, but also includes...
  • A week-long feature on our ‘hotel of the week’ section.
  • A full feature page for your property with all eco-details listed and with direct back-links to your website for bookings.
  • A blog showcasing your property.

Level 1

Free Plan

With a Level 1 membership, we’ll feature your hotel or lodging on your regional or country page.
We’ll also use a price-comparing booking widget which scans for the best deals for your customers.
Once clients book with you, we take a commission from the booking company’s commission, but never directly from your accommodation.

Level 2

Start Up

With a Level 2 membership, your hotel or lodging will feature at the top of your regional page and on the main country page.
We also provide a direct link to your website and showcase your property through Five-Leaf System’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Level 3

Business Plan

With a Level 3 membership, your hotel or lodging will be promoted in the same way as a Level 2 membership, but will also have it’s own feature page.
This page will highlight all the eco benefits your clients can expect, as well as a host of images to showcase your property, and a map for your customers to quickly find your location.
We will also be able to place any booking widget your wish to use here.

Level 4

Premium Plan
One-Time Payment
  • All features from Start-up and Business plan, but will also include...
  • Our environmental course: “Think Green When You’re Hosting®”, a 10-module course which can be downloaded from the sites.
  • This plan gives you direct one-to-one advice from one of our technical experts throughout the course.
  • Five-Leaf System will issue a certificate upon completion.

* Optional - Five-Leaf System can still offer our partner’s direct booking widget if preferred.

* Optional - Five-Leaf System can also offer a direct booking widget of your business’ choice or preferred booking partner (i.e. Booking.com, Expedia.com, etc.)