Some of our featured adventures

2 Day 1 Night Great Barrier Reef

Live aboard a fantastic sailing boat and embark an a trip of a lifetime snorkeling & intro diving

Paris in a day sightseeing tour

Experience the best of the French capital in one day on this sightseeing tour of Paris

Tiles and Tales: Azulejos workshop and shared tour

A day learning all about Azulejos, the famous Portuguese tiles that adorn the country

 find your green adventures & tours

Outdoor Rock Climbing in Colorado, USA

Outdoor Rock Climbing in Colorado, USA


So what makes a green adventure or tour?

E-Bike & Sitway tour in Lisbon, Portugal

E-Bike & Sitway tour in Lisbon, Portugal

For us, a green adventure or tour is one where the tour in itself is a pollutant-free activity like hiking, rock climbing, or a city walking tour. We also look to find tour guides, agencies, and organisations that are environmentally conscious, responsible, and aware of their surroundings and the impact they are having on the planet.

In some cases we understand that certain activities might need a level of transportation, and therefore realise the impact that will have. However, wherever possible, we assess and determine the best possible trips (i.e. usage of public transport or vehicle sharing where possible) and look for experiences which have the least impact possible on the environment.