10 Essential Eco-Friendly Travel Products & Accessories for your next trip

There are many ways to leave less of a footprint when you travel. Choosing an eco-friendly hotel, using the least damaging form of transportation, and taking the kinds of products and accessories that will not harm the environment on your travels. We look at 10 of these that can significantly reduce that footprint, while protecting the local areas you visit.

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Could Ecotourism Squelch The Scorching of The Amazon

In a time when the Amazon Rainforest fires rage on, we need to be looking at ways to show our support. It’s not easy, but one way is to do exactly that. Support the need to maintain the rainforest through eco-tourism by being an eco-tourist. Travel, stay, support, and learn about the marvel that is the largest and most wonderful rainforest we have. The “lungs of our planet” need to be saved, need to supported, and need to be maintained at all costs. We must do what we can to make sure we don’t lose this.

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5 Awesome Eco Friendly Lodgings You Must Visit

We’ve got some of the best eco friendly lodgings on the planet. What makes a green hotel? For a hotel to be a ‘green hotel’, Five-Leaf System requires a number of different factors to be considered and actioned by the lodging, such as Energy-saving lights installed throughout the accommodation and that the building is fitted with energy-efficient technology & appliances.

For more information, please visit our Green Hotels page.

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