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5 Awesome Eco Friendly Lodgings You Must Visit

We’ve got some of the best eco friendly lodgings on the planet. Be sure to visit Five-Leaf System to see what’s in store. What makes a green hotel? For a hotel to be a ‘green hotel’, Five-Leaf System requires a number of different factors to be considered and actioned by the lodging, such as Energy-saving lights installed throughout the accommodation and that the building is fitted with energy-efficient technology & appliances. A green hotel should also have one or more eco labels to show it’s green credentials. Recycling, water, and renewable energy projects should also be in place. These are but a few of the many factors the Five-Leaf System considers when classifying and rating lodgings.

Other factors would also include evidence of an active participation and investment in the local economy and community, consumption and production of locally grown organic foods, and use of fair trade products throughout the premises.

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