The Neya Lisbon Eco-Hotel is a 5 Leaf Hotel


What we like…

NEYA Lisboa Hotel is a sustainable hotel project with an efficient and responsible business model which reflects its concept of a tripartite sustainability - environmental, social and economic. All activity is driven daily by a model of efficient management and a huge respect for the environment and society.


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Neya hosts Eco Meetings! The Eco Meetings initiative provides full support for sustainable event planning. The planning counts on the accompaniment of a Quality, Environment and Safety Technician in the definition of the appropriate sustainability measures, with the objective of reducing the negative impact of events at the environmental, social and economic levels.

With this initiative, NEYA Lisboa Hotel aims to help preserve the environment by reducing its ecological footprint as well as helping others to reduce their own, contributing to a sustainable future.


General info…

Location: São Jorge de Arroios, Lisbon

Type: Eco-Hotel

Accessibility: All

Cost: Please find latest Availability and Rates below


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