Hotel de Candeloup is a 4 Leaf hotel


What we like…

Hotel de Candeloup is a very environmentally-friendly place, where all water heating and climate control systems are powered by alternate energy sources. The hotel is also a year-round Yoga centre and retreat, with a number of dedicated weeks during the year.


Tell me more…

In Winter, a forty minute drive gets you to the nearest ski station, which is also just a short walk to the Spanish border.

Whitewater rafting, horse riding and many other activities can also be pursued in the neighbourhood. For those of a more leisurely disposition, Candeloup is at the heart of the Jurançon wine region, which begs to be explored.


General info…

Location: Candeloup, Monein

Type: Hotel

Accessibility: All

Cost: Please find latest Availability and Rates below


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