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Northern France


Michel Rodrigues

Your complete tourist guide for Paris. The Louvre, Orsay, and Montmartre, are but just a few of the wonderful places in and around Paris where I can guide you to.

+33 6 6193 1516


Andrei Trichine

Your complete guide to Paris, in French, English, and Russian.

+33 6 6383 8125


Florance Lamousse

Your certified and licensed tourist guide for the Champagne-Ardenne region and beyond! Fluent in French, English, and Spanish, Florance Lamousse is a tour guide for the whole Lorraine and Champagne-Ardenne Regions of France. Contact him directly to plan a personalised tour of your choice or visit specific sites for a half day or longer.

+33 3 2985 2183


Suzanne Lombard-Platet

Want to discover, see, and deepen your understanding of museum collections, exhibitions, monuments, and neighbourhoods? Art & Visites offers you an à la carte approach to your favourite subjects, in solo or in group, with friends or in a professional setting. These activities can take the form of a guided visit to works of art, or simply a talk to monuments in and around Paris.

+33 6 8831 0330


Solange Rousteau

A lady of great culture and a convinced European, Solange speaks French and Italian, echoing her love for Paris and Florence.

Solange organises guided tours to enable Italian visitors to get to know Paris. In the future, she wants to do the same thing for Florence – giving French visitors a chance to get to know the capital of Tuscany.

+33 6 2383 4575


Oxana Ermolova

Your professional guide to Paris and France in English and Russian.

+33 6 2835 7057

Béatrice Hignard.jpg

Béatrice Hignard

Béatrice is a professional guide, history of art graduate, and member of the Paris Tourism Office. Associate Member of AJP/Association of Patrimony Journalists and of AIAM (International Friendship Association of André Malraux), she organizes tours of Paris and prepares new ones every year – under preparation at the moment: Hemingway’s path and “sur les pas de Malreaux” on the 50th anniversary of his “Law Malreaux”. She is the author with Rémi Koltirine of “Enghien patrimoine”.

+33 6 6188 2510

Central France


Sandrine Engel

Sandrine is a fully licensed guide who can provide touristic services in Paris and the rest of France. Private guiding and private transportation with customised services. She is fluent in French, English, and Spanish.

+66 142 110751


Southern France


Viviana Santivanez

Passionate about her profession as tour guide, Viviana is your top guide to the French Riviera. In her tours you will find a very special dynamism, creativity, originality, spontaneity, self-efficiency, autonomy, responsibility and organisation. Her knowledge and appreciation of French territory, its people, culture, cuisine, and arts pleases her customers and assures their loyalty.

+33 6 6347 5029


Claude Le Merdy

Claude provides private tours for the French Riviera coast including art museums featuring the works of Picasso, Matisse and Chagall.

Village tours of the Monaco principality, and tours for group can also be arranged.

+33 6 0809 8136

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