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Andreas Sadovik

Andreas is a MSU Lomonossov & Athens Kapodistrian University studies graduate, ready to show you any of the 170 islands and 15 000 km of coastlines from Greece to Ellada. With a deep knowledge of Greece and her history, Andreas is an excellent choice for those looking to get to know the history behind the beautiful country known as Greece. He can take you on a variety of different tours, specialising in tours of Athens and its many museums, each dedicated to different time periods, cultures or sites. He knows about them all, and can fill you in on all of the most important displays.

+30 694 669 0214

Christina Karantani.jpg

Christina Karantani

Christina can guide all over Greece and takes great pleasure in showing everyone her country, in particular Athens, the city she was born in and lived most of her life.

Greece has many hidden treasures, however if you don’t have the luxury of time, she could make the best out of the few days or even hours you can spend. From a short visit to the Acropolis of Athens to a long well planned day around the most important monuments.

During each and every tour, you will visit all major sites of Athens and she will give you all the historical background of this charming country!

+30 21 0364 2964

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Laura Giannola

A private licensed Tour Guide with 16 years experience in leading high quality tours of Athens and Greece, Laura is extremely passionate about her job and has a pleasant and friendly way to guide you to the places of your preference, communicating with you in Greek, English or German in order to comfortably share with you her knowledge, hints and tips.

+30 693 784 2130

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