Welcome to Five Leaf System! The only place to find green eco friendly hotels. The Five-Leaf System is a method of classifying hotels to make sure they are as socially and environmentally responsible.
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As a hotelier, there’s a lot you need to think about, and responsible tourism should be at the top of that list.

Below is a list of actions and items you should be considering as complete essentials at your hotel.

Energy saving tips

Approximately some 75% of all hotels’ environmental impact can be directly attributed to excessive energy consumption.

Installing energy-efficient technology such as lighting, heating, and cooling systems could see you recoup some of your hotel’s financial outlay, as well as reducing your environmental impact.

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It may be hard to suggest it up front, but a simple note to your guests about the benefit of not changing your linen during their stay can go a long way to raising their awareness regarding energy consumption.

Another good thought might be to thinking about extending the life of your linen. There are laundry processes in place that can minimise the wear and tear of your linen, keeping down your replacement costs, and reducing your hotel’s environmental impact.

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