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How green are we?

We provide a comfortable Eco-Tourism base in Ireland through high quality, eco-friendly, self catering accommodation in Donegal and by careful management of the cottages are a low impact alternative.
The electricity used at Croan is generated from wind power and other renewable sources.
We compost all kitchen vegetable waste, don’t use horticultural peat products and wood ash from cottage fires, and a wood burning stove is used on the garden as a potassium fertiliser.
We have planted fruit trees, native deciduous hedging and other standard trees.
Rainwater is collected in the pond and reused on the grounds for watering plants and veg.


Nevan, Meath

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How green are we?

We at Decoy Country Cottages, are doing our bit for climate change.

We do not use any fossil fuels to heat our self catering holiday homes; we use geothermal heating technology which heats the houses and the hot water.

All the houses are insulated to a very high standard, and our water is treated and purified on site and we have solar panels in place reducing our reliance on electricity.


Lismore, Waterford

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How green are we?

Glenribbeen Eco Lodge was controlled (2009) by the N.S.A.I. and was awarded the E.U. Green Flower Award for eco-accommodation. We provide bikes for 'clean travelling', though guests are asked to provide all their own safety gear and insurance.

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