What to look into

Hotel concerns here are in the field of power supply generally, but also at a smaller level, for instance in eco-friendly light bulbs, sensors for lighting areas when people pass, solar panels, photo-voltaic cells or co-generators.

Bio-fuel heating, solar power, photovoltaic cells, low power machinery, and even eco-friendly fireplaces are all available on the market.


Inform your staff

There must also be control over air conditioning, and low power machinery in general (washing machines and driers, steam irons and so on).

Advice can be made available to guests (and staff) on energy saving, and information about energy audits such as the five-level EU standards can be placed on the hotel website and around the hotel.


Keeping warm

Some of the latest trends in heating tend to point to non-vented fireplaces - an improvement on traditional fireplaces - for they are completely fuel-less and require no chimney or any additional ventilation. They also don’t produce any harmful by-products.

Other advantages are that they are virtually maintenance free, not reliant on any power supply, are solar powered, are completely safe to use, and heat is instant.

And to top it all....... THEY CAN BE PORTABLE!