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Does your business already hold any 'green quality' certifications or commendations for its environmental policy?
Was the hotel / place of business built in line with regulations for sustainable construction? *
Is double glazing standard? *
Are the windows and frames energy efficient (i.e. timber, uPVC, or combination frames)? *
Are there regular checks made on energy spending? *
Is there an annual external audit carried out on energy spending? *
Does your business use renewable energy used (i.e. wind power, geothermal, solar panels, etc.)? *
Is there central computerised control for at least 80% of all air conditioning on the premises? *
Is at least 80% of all main equipment (laundry, kitchen etc) class A energy efficient? *
Is there at least 80% eco-friendly lighting throughout the lodging (fluorescent or LED)? *
Are room lights controlled by eco-friendly door card key? *
Is at least 50% of all lighting controlled by motion sensors? *
Are the hotel vehicles electric, gas, or hybrid? *
Is there an Electric Car Charging Point at your business location? *
Is there automatic water control system in place for taps in public places? *
Are at least 50% of all taps at the premises fitted with flow controller valves? *
Is there a towel and / or linen policy? *
Are guests given advice on water saving? *
Is water provided to guests to refill their water bottles? *
Is there a rainwater harvesting system in use? *
Are bio-degradable products used for laundry and cleaning purposes? *
Is the packaging for bathroom guest products biodegradable or reusable? *
Is there an air quality treatment system on the premises? *
Are sprays guaranteed as non-ozone depleting? *
Is there a waste separation policy (paper, glass, plastic, batteries)? *
Are organic products used and recycled? *
Is there a policy for donating untouched prepared food to charity? *
Is there a food miles policy? *
Is there a food quality policy (e.g. following a governmental code of practice)? *
Is recycled paper used for stationery, at the restaurants, and/or all other locations in your business? *
Is office equipment predominantly class A energy efficient? *
Is staff trained in environment protection practices? *
Is management pro-active in local/nationwide environmental schemes? *
Do you suggest eco-events for your guests (e.g bike rides, walking, hiking, etc.)? *
Are food/beverage suppliers chosen for their farm assured or fair trade policies? *
Is there information on the business website showing your commitment towards environmental and sustainability issues? *
Does the business provide access for physically challenged people? *
By filling in this form I declare that the information provided is accurate and agree to the terms and conditions provided on the website. *