The East Coast of the United States comprises the regions of New England, the Mid-Atlantic, parts of The South, and Florida.

From the north, New England is a six-state region in the northeast corner of the United States of America. Although it is one of the oldest settled parts of the U.S., most of the area (except the coastal areas of eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and southwestern Connecticut) retains a rural charm and low population. Visitors to New England will find no shortage of popular and often-packed attractions, but there are many hidden gems to be found as well.

The Mid-Atlantic sees the bright lights of the big city; the tranquil beauty of the rolling countryside, the bustling boardwalks of the seashore, and the soaring heights of the unspoiled wilderness.

This region of the U.S.A. comprises five states and a federal district in the northeastern part of the country. While the region is dominated by the enormous megalopolis running from Washington, D.C., to New York City, it’s the large areas of more rural character to the north and west that possess some of the east's most spectacular sights.

It’s in the Mid-Atlantic where you’ll find the unfathomable urban landscape of New York City, the indescribable power of Niagara Falls, the unspeakable gravity of the Gettysburg battlefield, and the uncompromising resolve of the nation’s capital.

The remainder of the East Coast comprises of the South (please see Southern USA) and Florida. Florida is the southernmost state in continental USA. Known as “The Sunshine State”, it has grown to become the second-most visited state in the nation. Tourists have long been drawn to Florida by its white-sandy beaches and unique and diverse cities. Since the mid-twentieth century, world-class theme parks and attractions have become a top draw as well.

The state’s roots in agriculture are still relevant, with oranges being a chief export. Untouched natural landscapes teeming with wildlife exist in vast areas, sometimes very close to cities, and there are miles of rivers and trails for the intrepid visitor.

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