Water consumption

Cutting down on water consumption reduces energy and protects the environment!

Water-saving taps can be placed just about anywhere. At home, in public toilets, and at hotels with guests made aware of the gains made by using such equipment.


But, did you know that you don’t have to change all your taps?!

There are water savers which you can fit on all standard taps as well as shower units and toilets, without reducing your comfort. You can HALVE your water consumption, and these add-ons can be designed to be as sleek as stainless steel and look like an extension or even part of the original equipment, or as colourful and fun as you want to make them.


Water saving add-ons

The add-ons you can get on taps can slow down lime-scale build-up by up to 10 times, and no matter how much you turn on the tap, it will not let more than 6 litres flow per minute!

It also maintains a pleasant, soft stream of water that does NOT SPLASH!

Not so good for kids... but splendid for parents!



Other things you can think of

Some good practices can also include things like towel and/or bed linen policies (leading to less water used in laundries), and water control mechanisms in kitchens and other wet areas used by staff.

Inform your guests that linen will only be changed upon request, and that minimising that change will also pay dividends to the environment.



Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is now a feature of many hotels, with benefits for gardens and landscaping.

Fundamentally, rainwater harvesting is rainwater captured from a roof into a container and greatly reduces the costs of water infrastructure across an urban system. Choose rainwater harvesting with water efficient appliances, save the environment, and reduces those costs!

Try some of these great water-saving solutions