Dowfold House is a 4 Leaf B&B


What we like…

How cool are these guys? We’ll tell you! Dowfold House generates their own electricity from 16 photo-voltaic panels on the roof, and use an “iBoost” device which diverts all solar-generated electricity into the hot water - which makes it all free! The mains electricity comes from Scottish & Southern Electricity under their Green Energy scheme, and all their light bulbs are energy saving ones, progressively moving to LED & CFL equivalents.


Tell me more…

Along with a wonderful recycling plan, Dowfold House composts all vegetable waste from the kitchen and garden and buys as much as possible from local suppliers and farms. Much of the fruit is home grown, in season, and jam is mostly homemade. They even grow (some of) their own lemons. They make biscuits for the guests’ welcome tea or in the rooms, and all tea and coffee supplies come from Ringtons of Newcastle or are Fairtrade brands.

For all this and much more, visit their Green Policies page:


General info…

Location: Dowfold House, Low Jobs Hill, Crook

Type: Bed & Breakfast

Accessibility: All

Cost: Please find latest Availability and Rates below


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