Langdale is a 5 Leaf Hotel & Spa


What we like…

Langdale works with partners to support its award winning sustainable efforts to minimise environmental impact in every department possible. Operating in a sustainable way is at the heart of everything they do.

Langdale’s Environmental Policy includes a detailed plan to tackle energy consumption, work on waste management, contribute and protect local ecology, and use an efficient and environmentally friendly water usage system.


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Guests are naturally here to enjoy the incredible facilities and the area, but hotel does request that guests assist and do their part by following a number of guidelines set out to follow. These include actions such as helping to reduce energy consumption by switching off bedroom lights when the room is empty, closing curtains in winter to keep heat in the room, and turn down the thermostatic control on the radiator to a comfortable level as soon as they are settled in their rooms.

They also encourage thinking about water consumption when taking showers, and not to wash hands or clean teeth under running taps. All this and more can be found on their environmental policy page here:


General info…

Location: The Langdale Estate, Great Langdale, Ambleside

Type: Hotel & Spa

Accessibility: All

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