Bells at Killcare is a 5 Leaf Hotel & Spa


What we like…

Bells at Killcare actively supports a greener and more sustainable environment and they do it in a number of different ways. In the kitchen, the significant approach to values of sustainability in food use and production, has found its home. The seasonal menu offerings are designed using large amounts of house made, home grown, organic and local produce from local suppliers.


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The estate houses a lush vegetable garden, which is harvested daily, forming the basis of much of the menu. Chefs are continuously planting new, seasonal seedlings and hand picking produce to use that very day. The hotel has approximately 50 chickens on site, that produce free range eggs and they only use grass-fed beef. They don’t buy endangered species of seafood such as large tuna and swordfish, and also adopt the “nose to tail” principle whereby wastage of produce is minimised.

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General info…

Location: Killcare Heights, NSW

Type: Hotel & Spa

Accessibility: All

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