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Western Australia is Australia’s largest state by land area, making up the western third of the continent. It is the world’s second largest sub-national entity, after the Sakha Republic in Russia. Most of the 2.6 million citizens live in or around Perth, leaving most of the inland areas with widespread small communities.

The largest towns outside Perth metro include Albany and Broome, less than 30,000 population each depending on seasonal fluctuations. Beyond the coast, Western Australia’s vast interior is very sparsely populated, with only a handful of townships with over a few thousand residents. Mining settlements and cattle stations are thinly-spread so it is all too easy to find yourself alone in a 100 mile radius.

One of this state’s main attraction is its overall huge expanses and distance between places, and if WA does not quench your thirst of (harsh) wilderness, it is unlikely that anywhere else in the world will. Besides driving, which can be an experience for some, the region is a world-famous attraction for surfing, including spots in the south and south west corner in the Margaret River region. It is also famous for its hiking, diving, eating and drinking, camping, and lavish out-door living.

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