9Arches is a 4 Leaf B&B


What we like…

Fresh mountain water is provided for water refills. Solar panels and wood from local renewable sources are used to heat water and provide central heating throughout. Water reduction measures in use in all bathrooms. Construction fully insulated and tailor made double glazing. Recycable units for glass, paper, plastic and general waste separated at source. Photovoltaic panels to light up this magnificent property in the heart of Portugal.


Tell me more…

9Arches is all about its surroundings. It finds itself in a small village at the end of a long valley, almost like a mountain cul-de-sac. The surroundings are quiet and antiquated, and exploration through the nearby hills is a must. Local employees work year-round. Local suppliers, community centers and regional news outlets are promoted. 9Arches has been the Official Sponsor of community building and sports activities since 2015. Represented in national and international tourism fairs promoting Central Portugal.


General info…

Location: Vila Nova de Poiares, Portugal

Type: Countryside guesthouse

Styles: Self contained appartments

Accessibility: All

Cost: Please find latest Availability and Rates here


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