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Northern Portugal


Paulo Cosme

Portugal and the North at your fingertips with all the traditions, history, culture, and gastronomy. Paolo has been working as a National Official Portuguese Tourist Guide and as a World Tour Leader since 1992. Specialising in tailored private tours, Incentives and Congresses in the North of Portugal and the Douro Valley. In Portugal - get a Guide and receive a Friend.

+351 937 630760

Central Portugal


Anabela Roque Ferreira

If you believe in sustainable and responsible tourism, join Anabela on a walking tour through Lisbon. Take a tram or a funicular, see the monuments, downtown, and the old city. See the cafés, the traditional shops and the modern Lisbon. Anabela is an official licensed tourist Guide and is able to give tours in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Get in touch and she will assist you in organising your tour.

+351 964 037965



Go Walks!

Walking tours in Coimbra! If you wish to find out everything you need to know about the city of students, enjoy Go Walks!

Visit the city alongside who knows it best: a student/former University student... and at the end of the walking tour, enjoy discounts on the best sights!

+351 910 163118 - www.gowalksportugal.com


Órvil de Aragão Russo

Órvil is an official tourism certified guide in Portugal, and helps tourists get a wonderful perspective of the genuine Portugal. He has a deep connection and respect of Portuguese heritage that expresses its virtues through the surrounding environment. Welcome to Portugal!

+351 914 738575

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